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Vi arbetar med juridisk rådgivning samt IT säkerhet

Vi är ett företag som arbetar med återställande av data när denna omedvetet eller medvetet har förstörts på en eller flera hårddiskar, minneskort eller SIM kort
Vi har över 20 års branscherfarenhet som IT forensiska utredare

Material vi använder och rekommenderar är endast det absolut bästa som finns. Inget annat än världens bästa kvalitet i produkter duger för oss

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Welcome to InfoTechSec

This company was registered in Florida 2008 and has been active in Sweden since 1994 when the headquarter changed its location for many reasons.

We are mainly working with all kind of IT related issues for individuals and companies. The most important operation we conduct is to ensure that our clients have a clean, updated and secure computers at home, in your office or large server institutes.

We only use and recommend the best products available in the world!

The founder and CEO, Sebastian Berge, is a top ranked IT Security Professional and IT Forensic detective with over 24 years of experience with various certifications.
We are also a proud Microsoft
® Network Partner.

Security issue regarding computers, both at home and centrally, is unfortunately still neglected and it seems like not many people realize that this is a major problem. This is why we are specialized with this.

e-Mail consultation
Every e-mail that we reply to will be charged before a reply is given with €65 or 500SEK.

Misuse of the word hacker
For an instance media, almost world wide, are misusing some terms that we want to correct, this word is "Hacker". As soon as an illegal attack has been made to an Internet site media blames a Hacker which is completely wrong. Our CEO, Sebastian Berge, is a professional Hacker and is not performing illegal acts. The individuals that are attacking and destroying IT systems are called "Crackers", and they are doing the illegal work that legal Hackers have to correct and restore. This is very unfortunate that media is not paying attention to these differences in the two words. It is hard to work with IT security issues when the general public are afraid of hackers but have no idea what a cracker is.

Further on our CEO has a few words to say about computer security.

The most important thing regarding IT security is to be sure to have an Antivirus software installed, preferably with dynamic updates. Dynamic updates is when the antivirus software automatically downloads new virus definitions as soon as they are available. Also make scheduled automatic antivirus scans at least once a week. These kind of antivirus programs are available in almost any computer store or you can buy them from me. The antivirus software I sell comes with one year subscription of antivirus definition updates. The cost for such antivirus software is about €65. After the included 1 (one) year subscription is out of date you can buy additional updates on a yearly basis for as little as about €25, and that is a small investment to keep your computer clean. However, before installing any kind of antivirus software be sure that the computer is clean of viruses. Most antivirus software will perform such a virus scan prior  to installation.

Another way to increase the security of your computer, home network or large company networks is to install a hardware Firewall. Be sure to install and configure a hardware firewall, not software. Software firewalls can be eliminated by evil viruses and worms. When you install a hardware firewall the following procedure happens. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gives you an unique IP address such as an example, this IP address communicates with your hardware firewall which you are able to configure as you want, but your personal computer that is connected to the hardware firewall will get an internal IP address such as or similar and your computer communicates with the hardware firewall with that IP number, so in this case all information such as hacker attacks will be halted by your hardware firewall. This kind of firewall are available for personal use with four (4) LAN (Local Area Network) ports (up to four computers can be connected to the internet at the same time using one internet access line) and one (1) WAN (Wide Area Network = internet) port. You simply connect the incoming internet connection cable to the WAN port on the firewall and connect your computer to one of the four LAN ports. After that, install the hardware firewall program and configure the firewall like you want to. But remember to set the security rate as high as possible and do not allow any internet connections to go unfiltered to your computer. A hardware firewall is a very good investment but you must know how to configure it so that it will keep you and your computer safe. Installation guides are included with all hardware firewalls. Prices varies, the one I sell for personal use is manufactured by SMC®. This firewall has one (1) WAN port and four (4) LAN ports and is available for as little as €115. But make sure that the computer is totally clear of all viruses included the register files are cleared of virus files otherwise the viruses that are present on the computer when you install a hardware firewall will be able to sneak through and access the internet and probably destroy vital software or system files.

For companies or larger home networks there are hardware firewalls available with either 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 ports and so on based on 16 ports upgrade, it varies with the type of manufacturer.

I want to illuminate the following two definitions you often read about, Hackers and Crackers.

A Hacker is a person that is hired by or employed by a company or works on behalf of a company or person to ensure the security on your computer and/or network. A Hacker may also backtrack attempted attacks on computers, sites, networks or e-mails and more.

A Cracker is a person that illegally cracks into your computer, network or spread viruses to cause your computer system or network to be corrupt, or plant spy ware software and monitor every single thing you do on your computer. They will be able to see your bank codes and account numbers, and if they want they can ruin all your system and empty all your bank accounts or hi-jack your credit card number and use it for themselves but the bill will go to you !

Media today often uses the term "Hacker attack" when they write about IT criminals, but that is wrong. Hackers are not evil people, they want to help you to get a better security. When media writes about Hacker attacks they often mean Cracker attack and nothing else.

About Privacy on the internet.
Every time you access the internet, either by dialup or broadband, you will be given a unique IP address that can look like this, 214.xx.xxx.xx. This IP address that your ISP will give you will leave traces on all sites and activities you do on the internet and will be traceable. Sometimes it even is possible to get the serial number of the computers CPU (Central Processor Unit). When an internet crime has been performed the IP number will be used to back-trace who has done the damage to the system or a cracker attack. After contacting the ISP the authorities can get access to the personal information about the person that had that IP address at that time. So think twice before you go out on the internet and believe that no one knows who you are. There are software available to download from the internet for a small amount of money to perform such back-traces. But authorities and hackers will use even more powerful tools to backtrack an IP address. Even a dialup internet access is traceable.

The same information is hidden in each e-mail you send, regardless of what kind of e-mail program you use, your ISP e-mail, or freeware e-mail software available on the internet the IP address will be included and is easy to bring forward.

To avoid SPAM e-mail's, make sure to have a number of different e-mail accounts. If you have been given an e-mail address from your ISP, use that only to persons that you trust and keep it secret for other people or companies. If you once have given you e-mail address to a company or information group or similar on the internet they store your e-mail address in a large database (unless they inform that they do not do that). This database with a lot of e-mail addresses can then be sold to a third party, that means that your e-mail will get a lot of SPAM e-mail's with different "offers", "special for you". To avoid these kind of SPAM e-mails get multiple e-mail addresses and use those when you have to give someone your e-mail address.

Everything is traceable. The internet is nothing else that a corporate LAN but much, much larger. As well as the IT staff at a company can monitor what their employees are doing on their computer, crackers can see what you do on the internet !

If you have any questions or want my help please contact me. By clicking the link you will send an e-mail to me.
Please note that I will not give support even by e-mail without a charge. All charges are paid with bank transfer and I will let you know what the charge will be to get online help. Later on we will have an Online Chat support that is based in Sweden and will help you with basic problems without charges.

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